Myspace Launch New Site

The new MySpace website was launched today in a desperate bid to compete with its social rivals Facebook, Twitter and Bebo. But is it too late?

The ‘place for friends’ used to be the king in the social networking community but has been shifted to one side of late to make way for the likes of Facebook, Bebo and more recently Twitter (who had 30 million sign-ups in September alone!!).

Today though the veteran website has been fully revamped in a move aimed at repositioning the company back at the top of the social world … or as near to the top as it can get.

The new site features a completely new style interface and drastic changes, ditching their original “A Place For Friends” slogan.

The entire layout of the website has changed, from the home page right through to the profile and topic pages, they’ve moved to a more simplistic grid layout mixing images, video and topography, it also used to be cluttered with advertisements but there are now significantly fewer ads present.

The ‘new’ Myspace will encourage users to share and recommend music, film and television content, rewarding the most prolific trendsetters with virtual tastemaker badges. A celebrity category has also been added to allow MySpace to share links and information about the stars of the tabloids.

“Over time, MySpace got very broad and lost focus of what its members were using it for,” MySpace President, Michael Jones said, revealing that a new, streamlined site will better cater to the site’s 120 million web users who predominately use the social networking site to listen to, share and comment on music.

Its’ new vision, is to be “The leading entertainment destination that is socially powered by the passions of fans and curators.”

Rumour has it that a mobile experience will be launching too soon, so watch this space…..

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