Facebook to develop SnapChat rival?

Social networking leader Facebook is supposedly testing out a new app which allows users to send each other messages which will then “self destruct” and disappear from the device.
 This sounds very similar to popular app SnapChat, which allows users to send messages which will then delete themselves after a set amount of time, which is usually just seconds. SnapChat also claims that the photos are deleted from their servers too. This news comes straight after a report that Facebook are also launching an android app which allows users to send each other messages without having a Facebook account. Ultimately many people believe that these quick sharing apps won’t catch on as they are considered a gimmick which will not be very popular between people outside of the 13-18 year old age range that share this conspicuous content content.
When asked on Monday a Facebook spokesman said “We’re not going to comment on rumor and speculation.” More information to come if the app is officially announced.

Brad Mayson-Cooper

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