Top Google Adwords Tips

Recently on our website we mentioned that the UK’s display advertising revenue has increased by 34% – so if you’re thinking about setting up an adwords campaign here are some tips:

1. Don’t Buy Keywords That Cost More Than You Make
It would make no sense to spend £10 on a keyword if you plan to sell a £5 hat.
Don’t waste money by buying expensive keywords that do not earn a profit.

2. Track Your Conversions
Set up split A/B testing using Google Website Optimiser on each of your adword campaigns, test, and tweak your landing pages accordingly to improve your conversion rates.

3. Include your Phone Number
You could try out adding your phone number into your adword campaign. If you are doing a local adword campaign, when users see that you are a local company they may pick up the phone on the spot to give you a call, saving you on the adwords click.

4. Optimise For What Users Are Searching For
By using the following code you can input the exact keywords that people are using into your ads: {keyword: add backup text here}

5. Use proper Capitalization
As long as you don’t caps lock the entire ad. Use proper capitalization to create a headline which stands out from the rest of the ad.

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