Google’s plan to kill Groupon

Google has recently begun to roll out a new “Offers” option for its ad words platform, which looks set to beat big competitors such as Groupon and livingsocial, after its failed attempt to buy Groupon for US$6 Billion back in December 2010.

Dubbed by some as “Google’s plan to kill Groupon”, the Google Offers format offers some very apparent advantages, such as a lower percentage cut of the earnings, better tracking through the combination of online marketing and in-store purchases, which was not previously possible and the potential (as of yet unconfirmed) integration with Google Maps, Local Deals in the area are a very tempting idea for some. you to the main page, which contains offers sorted by categories such as Food & Drink, Travel, Shopping and Services. The service is powered by Google’s own checkout platform and allows users to integrate their payments through Google Wallet.

As Google Offers is currently US Only, the AdWords extension is only an option in US territories, but is expected to roll out in the UK in the not too distant future.

Brad Mayson-Cooper

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