Google Query Bug brings up Adult Content

A bug has been found on Google that causes certain queries to only return matches of pornographic nature, the use which some are calling an “Anti-Safesearch” feature.

This bug is caused when an “impossible” query is performed which contradict themselves, such as -2 “2 1”, which would only return results that include the phrase “2 1” but also filters out results with a 2 in them. As a result this brings up all kinds of adult content. Whilst these searches don’t cause adult results for every contradictory query, many do. Further examples of these queries are:

  •          -s “s 2″
  •          -3 “1 3″
  •          -4 “1 4″
  •          -title “title 4″

Be careful when searching these queries yourself, as previously stated they aren’t something you’d want your boss or family to see!
Theoretically these searches should return 0 results. A bug fix is currently being worked on, as the bug is specifically causing Google to match adult content, as opposed to some sort of secret coding hidden in adult websites.

Brad Mayson-Cooper

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