The Broadband Slowdown,

 Daily between 7pm and 9pm, on your ISP.
UK Broadband Speeds are falling at peak times based on a new report with the largest drops in the 7-9pm timeframe.

The report has been published by uSwitch and is claiming it has performed over 2million speed tests across the UK and found that the national average of 9.6Mbps can only be reached when using the internet at 3am.

During its tests it found that Weson-Super-Mare in Somerset had speeds that dropped by two-thirds at peak times, from 9.5Mbps to 3.4Mbps. Wadebridge in Cornwall was another place in the UK to suffer bandwidth drops with an average of 4.1Mbps off peak to 2.1Mbps in the evening.

BT is expected to make a response but in the past has criticised uSwitch for its research.

All is not bad for broadband customers as fibre is being pushed harder than ever with Virgin Media rolling out 100Mbps fibre lines with BT claiming it can match and beat Virgins speeds by adding a higher data send rate. BT also claims its upload speed is up to 50% faster at 15Mbps compared to Virgins 10Mbps.

To run a speedtest yourself you can use’s speedtest here or uSwitch’s speedtest here. Both of them have a result list that you can compare your connection to.

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