Sony to Reveal PS4 on 20th February

Electronics giant Sony is believed to be announcing the next console iteration of the Playstation on Feb 20th.
The last home console, the Playstation 3 released back in November 2006. This information follows from a teaser video (Above) showing the familiar “Triangle Circle Cross Square” used to advertise the brand and the date 20/02/2013.
As far as specs are concerned, we know that Sony originally considered ditching the use of physical media discs and only selling games via download, however due to the massive file size of these games they would not be easily downloadable with current internet connections too slow to handle the load. As such it is likely that the PS4 will continue to use the Blu-Ray format, and may possibly even use the BDXL Blu-ray format, capable of storing up to 128GB of data onto a disc, as opposed to the standard (yet still very large) 25GB of a standard Blu-Ray Disc. This may also influence Microsoft to announce their next Xbox console sometime soon as they will be the last of the “Big 3” console makers to show off their system for this generation, after the PS4 reveal and release of the Wii U last year.

Brad Mayson-Cooper

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